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The story of Levantis Restaurant

Since the early 20th century, the location where Levantis Restaurant stands today, was home to a popular taverna known as “Klimataria,”.

It was named after the impressive grapevine pergola that still hangs above the yard today. Generations of Parians have fond memories of spending time at Klimataria and the taverna remained open until the late 1970s, after which it briefly operated as a pastry shop.  In 1985 the restaurant was renovated and renamed as Levantis by Nicolas Stephanou, who, having roots in the area of the Levant, began serving Greek/Lebanese dishes. 

Today, Levantis Garden Restaurant is in the hands of its current owners, who since 1997, have been focusing on a Mediterranean cuisine reflecting a unique blend of creativity and culinary expertise.

The restaurant’s romantic and upscale ambiance is beautifully accentuated by its outdoor courtyard draped in grapevines and, contemporary artworks. It is the perfect setting for any occasion and welcomes the casual diner, couples celebrating a special occasion and families, (boasting an additional children’s menu in the summer months). 

Levantis Garden Restaurant can also be rented and catered for special events. Its peaceful garden is the ideal location for a memorable and intimate wedding dinner.

Levantis Restaurant, Paros

The Chefs at Levantis

This year we are excited to present a collaboration between two chefs; Giorgios Mavridis, known for his inventive approach, infusing traditional Greek recipes with contemporary elements, and Shai Eliahu, former head chef at Ela Paros with his expertise in Middle Eastern cuisine and savory vegan dishes. Together, they create a dynamic menu that emphasizes fresh ingredients, light and flavourful flavors of the greater Mediterranean region, with a meticulous focus on presentation.

Recommended by Petit Fute

  • 2024

Unquestionably among the best addresses in Parikiá and a place where you will find a delectable change from ordinary Greek restaurants. The setting is very pretty, in a patio covered with vines. Levantis Restaurant offers a sophisticated menu where Greek traditions and influences from elsewhere mix (beetroot and ginger ravioli, fennel risotto, etc.). This contemporary approach is a formidable success and offers a change from the classics that we find everywhere. Chef Giorgios Mavridis entertains with elegance in a pleasant interior courtyard. Levantis is a very, very good address.